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Cybersecurity Focal Path

Cybersecurity Focal Path

A focal path is a selection of courses that a student can take to fulfill the various elective requirements, which are described in detail in the sections on elective information for the various majors. They do not change any of the requirements, and students are not required to follow a focal path. They are included simply to give prospective majors an idea about various classes that they can take to fulfill an interest that they may have in computing. The Department of Computer Science has a Cybersecurity Focal Path that includes ten courses. Once you have completed these courses, you can apply for a Letter of Completion.

Required Courses

The ten courses in the Cybersecurity Focal Path are:

  • APMA/STAT 3120 Statistics

  • CS 111x Introduction to Programming

  • CS 2150 Program and Data Representation

  • CS 3102 Theory of Computation

  • CS 4102 Algorithms

  • CS 4414 Operating Systems

  • CS/ECE 4457 Computer Networks

  • CS 4630 Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • CS 4750 Database Systems

  • CS 4760 Network Security

Obtaining the Letter of Completion

Once you have completed these courses, you can apply for a Letter of Completion of the Cybersecurity Focal Path by e-mailing your unofficial transcript to Prof. Ahmed Ibrahim ( with the subject: CFP Letter of Completion Application.